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Do contact us if you’re interested in having a go at acting.

Nearer the production date there will also be opportunities for
set-building, costumes and
The Madhatters Theatre Club is a community group based and performing in the
London Borough of Brent.

Madhatters will have been entertaining Brent for
70 years in 2019.
We concentrate on comedies and work actively with other community groups.

Last Woman Working a comedy by Michael Pearcy
Review, photos and more photos of our May 2019 production, part of our variety show with music, magic, comedy and entertainment.

Please contact us if you’d like to sing, act, dance, help build scenery or help front of house. We’re a small and friendly group and always looking for new members. For more information phone 020 8452 5239 or email us. The Madhatters meet on Wednesday evenings at 8pm. More information for new members.

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Review, photos
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The Madhatters Theatre Club is a registered charity (Registered charity No. 1095317)
and is affliated to the Brent Arts Council. Our secure website is available.
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